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Foundation Repair & Stabilization

Foundation repairs are often unexpected and issues usually develop over time. Most homeowners have no idea if their home is on an unstable foundation that will need repair or not. Call us today to schedule a free foundation evaluation.

Foundation Repair Solutions

We offer a variety of products specific to your foundation issues.

  • Foundation Piles “Piers”
  • Wall Anchors for bowing walls
  • Carbon Fiber Solutions for weak and bowing walls
  • Stabilizer Jack for beams and support

Concern or cosmetic?

Common signs of a sinking foundation include: brick, stucco or foundation cracking, drywall cracking and nail pops, uneven floors, windows and doors not closing as they should, and interior or exterior wall separation. Although some cosmetic changes to your home may be harmless, our specialists can determine if your home rests on a settling foundation.

Not sure if your home’s foundation is unstable? Meet with our experts when you schedule your free inspection.

How we repair a sinking foundation

Learn how we can repair an unstable foundation using different types of foundation piers. We offer foundation underpinning solutions that install foundation piles or “piers” to stabilize the foundation.

How to repair a sinking foundation

Watch as our crew installs a BASEco Foundation Systems’ Push Pier assembly to stabilize a home in Rapid City.

What causes foundation settling?

Foundations of homes and buildings can settle or sink for a variety reasons. Consequently, it can be difficult to know exactly what the cause is. But we do know this, when a foundation moves, sinks or settles it is because there is a change or disturbance in the bearing strata soil beneath the footings of the foundation.   Some causes for this change or disturbance can be attributed to: poor compaction of soil before the foundation of the home was constructed, overexposure of water to the bearing soil under the footings (due to poor drainage or a change in the surrounding water table) or the home being built on expansive/collapsible soil.

What if I don’t remedy my foundation issues?

Without stabilizing the foundation it is possible that the symptoms of your foundation settling will worsen. In many cases these symptoms are livable and mostly cosmetic. However, when trying to sell your home foundation settling will likely be a concern for potential buyers. Extreme Foundation Repair offers permanent solutions for foundation repair to ensure your home will never sink again. To top it off, our transferable warranty will give the future home buyers peace of mind as well.

Preventing an unstable foundation

Downspouts Contribute to Unstable Foundations

Most homeowners are Do-It-Yourself savvy and look for ways to prevent future foundation issues. The first potential issue to address is water drainage surrounding the foundation. Extending downspouts at least six feet from the foundation, ensuring gutters are clear and directing water to the downspouts, and maintaining a  grade that slopes away from your foundation are all important to manage drainage that can impact soil stability surrounding your foundation.

Unfortunately, when a home is built on poorly compacted soil or on expansive soil, proper drainage will have little impact on foundation settling. Fortunately, we have permanent solutions for foundation stabilization.

Our technicians can determine the severity of your foundation settling and provide a free estimate for repairs. Don’t lose sleep worrying about your foundation when you can get your questions answered for free. 

Foundation cracks

A cracking foundation is often a sign of a sinking foundation. However, a cracked foundation can also allow water to pass through the foundation wall. Is your foundation leaking? Check out our foundation waterproofing solutions: